Never travel with luggage again.

We deliver you clean and confortable clothes to your trip so you don’t have to pack your luggage everytime you fly.  

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Why should you use HackPacking?

Travel light

Forget about checking luggage, paying extra or waiting at the carrousel. Just get to the airport and board your plane.

We will send t-shirts, shirts, pants and underwear with several sizes. Worn but proper and clean.

Get only what you will use

Don't worry about delays or lost luggage. Your clothes will be at your hotel when you arrive.

Receive everything on time

Save money

Avoid fees for travelling with luggage and spend what you save in what really matters to you. 

Forget about packing, just enjoy your trip

Travel light, without delays and only with what you really need.

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Never travel with lugagge again.